• Comfort and Care for Pregnancy and Infant Loss

    Sparrow Leadership will teach you how to help patients handle loss and the initial stages of grief as it relates to pregnancy.  A program will be set-up to handle these special needs for families from the time of diagnosis through delivery. Additionally, team members will benefit from this training because they too are impacted in […]

  • Making the Most of Mobile Medical

    Are you a PMC, considering adding mobile medical services to your brick and mortar?  Or are you considering being a mobile only PMC? As the only leadership/sonography training organization that has served as staff on a mobile unit, we are uniquely positioned to strengthen your mobile service platform. It is important for an umbrella mobile organization to provide […]

  • 3D/4D Messaging and Hands-on Training

    Is 3D imaging new to your clinic?  What’s the best way to talk about 3D imaging in your community? What message will have the greatest impact as you talk about using 3D imaging in your clinical setting? Knowing how to message such an imaging specialty in your clinical setting can be an important part of […]

  • Clinical Imaging 3

    3 Lessonsin

    Clinical Imaging 3 prepares the RN to sit for the RDMS boards. As an RN, PA, NP, CNM scanning in the PMC, it is an achievable credential.  According to the Code of Ethics for the Sonographer, anyone who provides ultrasound imaging is always working towards becoming credentialed. Most medical professions categorize themselves as life long learners. With that in mind, […]

  • Clinical Imaging 2

    3 Lessonsin

    This 2-day course is designed for sonographers to both maintain their competency and to progress in their imaging skills. Whether you trained with Sparrow initially or went with another training organization, it is important to keep your skills up-to-date and advancing. Both the ANA Code of Ethics for nurses and the SDMS Code of Ethics for sonographers require that one stays competent […]

  • Clinical Imaging 1

    3 Lessonsin

    Clinical Imaging 1 This hands-on Sonography course is up to eight months in length, consisting of  three distinct components: Pre-training,  Hands-on training, and Post-training.  From the pre-training worksheets to the post training image submissions with evaluation, the medical professional receives a very comprehensive training in pregnancy confirmation imaging. The methodology we use through Sparrow Solutions Group is a step-by-step […]

  • Essentials of Imaging and Clinical Operations

    3 Lessonsin

    Serving in a PMC brings with it standards that are crucial for all team members to know and understand. We base our clinical standards on AWHONN guidelines. From the board of directors to volunteers, all will benefit from clinic accountability training to serve in this high-risk setting. Peace of mind for Medical Director, board, and ED/CEO because of […]

  • Brand Services

    Our mission with our Brand Services leadership module is to do the following: Equip the organization to position itself as the leader in the community for life-affirming change by focusing its message and all advertising on that goal. Explore community organizations with partnership potential. Recognizing that these goals can only be achieved when all organization members […]

  • Clinic Visit Value (CVV)

    If you want to increase funding, establish your PMC more credibly as a medical clinic, and increase community awareness of your services, the CVV course may be exactly what you need. While most PMC messaging speaks to the hearts of donors, the CVV course equips you to engage their minds in concrete terms. Clinics that can communicate to donors […]

  • Fundamentals in OB Patient Care

    Are your nurses skilled in OB care? AWOHNN states that “performing these ultrasound examinations represents an expanded nursing role and thus is not to be undertaken by the novice or inexperienced obstetric, gynecologic, or reproductive medicine RN.” The American Nurses Association states, “Nurses must maintain competence and strive for excellence in their nursing practice, whatever the […]