Board Development: Plan to Lead



Historically, what has been the board development pattern on your board of directors?

  • How does your board typically lead? Reactively, to problems as they come along? Or intentionally leading the organization?
  • Does your clinic have a board development plan in place?
  • Does the board appreciate the ED/CEO’s role as it relates to a board development plan?

This course provides board members with the knowledge necessary to identify their job descriptions on the board and perform effectively. Topics covered include the following:

  • Orientation of New Board Members
  • Basics of Board Development
  • Board Governance
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Role of ED/CEO under Policy Governance
  • Linear Shared Decision Making at the Board Level
  • Quality Improvement at the Board Level

Program Overview

The Board Development Plan: Plan to Lead course equips the PMC board to work together cohesively in leading the organization to the successful completion of the organization’s mission.

Non-profit boards are different from for-profit boards, and a PMC board carries its own special uniqueness. For the PMC to move forward as a community change agent in accomplishing its mission, it is critical that board members operate on the same page.

As board members gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, both individually and collectively, they are better equipped to serve. Board members are positioned to lead the organization more effectively.

Additionally, this course gives the board the tools needed for supporting the executive director and being good stewards of the resources entrusted to the organization for effective community change. A board that plans to lead effectively enhances the organization’s public image, and positions the organization for success.

Scope of Service:

  • Preparatory 1 hour risk management webinar provided by an attorney, specialized for PMC
  • Onsite training with two Sparrow Leadership consultants
  • Up to 3 hours on-site preparation with ED/CEO
  • Up to 7 hours on-site training, some of which may be scheduled as distance education in follow-up to on-site training
  • Up to 2 hours additional distance training, customized based on PMC needs, topics to be determined


  • Board members will be able to define their roles and responsibilities as board members and as a board
  • Board will be able to define and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the board and the ED/CEO
  • Board will learn the definition of a basic board governance platform
  • Board will make a commitment to governance platform and put that commitment on paper.
  • Board will review or create a board development plan
  • Board will develop a plan for annual and ongoing training of board members
  • Board will learn the importance of aligning or defining and communicating, both internally and externally, the organization’s strategic objectives, action plans, and performance measurement system with Linear Services Method action plans and key performance measures
  • Board will learn how to define organizational success and how to define metrics to measure success
  • Board will adopt an ends policy to define organizational success
  • Board will learn their responsibilities regarding policy development and compliance
  • Board will develop a plan for review or creation of needed policies
  • Board will develop a plan for designing first steps in connecting with ownership of the organization; i.e. investors.
  • Board will set a specific date to inaugurate the system


Preparatory reading materials will be determined based on organization needs. These materials are included in the fee set forth below.


The following fees for Board Development Plan: Plan to Lead course training:

1) Board Development Plan: Plan to Lead course training fee of $5,200:

a) Training for your board (including ED/CEO)
b) Up to ten manuals included, extra manuals must be purchased
c) Training at clinic’s location with training tailored to clinic’s specific needs.
d) A $2,000.00 deposit is required to schedule training.

2) Expenses are invoiced separately:

a) Air fare for training staff
b) Accommodations for training staff
c) Rental car for training staff
d) Per Diem for training staff

We wish to provide quality training to all medical clinics that desire to work with our team. We are happy to discuss customizable options for the training and pricing. Please call 702-556-1101, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services.


Additional information


Deposit, Final Payment


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