Clinical Imaging 1


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Clinical Imaging 1

This hands-on Sonography course is up to eight months in length, consisting of  three distinct components:

  1. Pre-training, 
  2. Hands-on training, and
  3. Post-training Mentoring.

From the pre-training worksheets and physics course material (separate fee) to the post-training mentoring image submissions with evaluation, the medical professional receives a very comprehensive training in imaging for pregnancy confirmation (Limited Exam).

The methodology we use through Sparrow Solutions Group is a step-by-step process to teach acquiring Interpretation Ready Imaging℠ (IRI℠).

Our course is based on the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Practice Guidelines, the Association of Women’s Health in Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing, as well as the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Code of Ethics and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics.

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  • The Sparrow contract legally binds us to do what we promise.
  • Sparrow training courses are aligned to standards of national medical organizations like AWHONNAIUMACOGSDMS, and the FDA.
  • Sparrow provides pre-consultation tools and accountability to equip the PMC to have a successful sonography training.
  • Sparrow participates in multiple medical conferences each year so that we are able to educate PMCs about the latest medical imaging and patient care trends.
  • Sparrow recognizes the value of including the ED and other key team members in certain components of training in order to solidify the patient care service platform.
  • Sparrow’s involvement with PMCs nationally and internationally gives us insight and perspective on minimizing risk.
  • We provide training with a holistic approach: scanning with the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs of the patient in the forefront.
  • Sparrow incorporates life-affirming language into the technical aspect of imaging in a PMC.

Organizations like AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing), AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound), ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), SDMS (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography), and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have set standards to follow for best practices that are critical for all involved with the PMC.

Here are just a few examples:
According to the AWHONN guidelines, Clinical Competencies and Education Guide, 4th Edition

  • The performance of ultrasound examinations is an appropriate practice for registered nurses (RNs) specializing in obstetric, gynecology, and reproductive medicine as dictated by the clinical situation. 
  • Performing these ultrasound examinations represents an expanded nursing role and thus is not to be undertaken by the novice or inexperienced obstetric, gynecologic, or reproductive medicine RN. 
    See Fundamentals in OB Patient Care.

According to AIUM point-of-care ultrasound is ultrasound imaging performed during a patient encounter or procedure to enhance patient care. (2010)
Licensed RNs who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and training in the specific imaging procedure to be performed and who are performing these exams within the scope of practice as defined by the licensing jurisdiction may perform point-of-care ultrasound [SDMS], 2011a.
Fetal ultrasound should be performed only when there is a valid medical reason [ACOG], 2009; AIUM, 2012b, 2012c). Performing
an obstetric ultrasound primarily for keepsake images or to determine fetal gender without a medical indication is not recommended (ACOG, 2009; AIUM, 2012b, 2012c; Food and Drug Administration [FDA], 2015). The U.S. FDA states that the use of ultrasound equipment for these purposes is an unapproved use of a medical device. This practice may violate state or local laws regarding use of such devices without a prescription (FDA, 2015).

All Sparrow Sonography training courses are aligned to these and other medical standards. Sparrow Solutions Group recommends that all PMCs align their medical services to these standards as well.

Program Overview

Phase One: Pre-training

  • Four worksheets to prepare participant for hands-on training
  • Anatomy familiarization, ultrasound physics research, imaging technology
  • Pre-training call with SSG team and PMC team
  • Point of Care Physics through Pegasus


Phase Two: Hands-on training

  • 64 hours of hands-on instruction from an RDMS registered in OB/GYN, 8 (8-hour) days scheduled over 2 weeks
  • Hands-on instruction incorporating didactic needs as it relates to students in a clinical setting
  • Daily progression of imaging and image optimization
  • Physics terms and commonly used ultrasound abbreviations
  • Operation of ultrasound machine control panel
  • Ergonomics and imaging
  • Normal and abnormal anatomy
  • Basic ultrasound procedures
  • Basic exercises with a transducer
  • Basic measurements during an ultrasound
  • Identification of fetal lie
  • Proper image documentation
  • Practical applications of clinic’s policies and procedures
  • Introduction to various sonography professional organization standards
  • Approximately 30-40 supervised ultrasound procedures each week
  • Protocols taught for first, second, and third trimester ultrasound exam for the purposes of pregnancy confirmation (Limited exam)
  • Limited exam defined and aligned with Medical Director’s instructions

Phase Three: Post-training Mentoring—distance consultation

  • Takes place within 6 months after the onsite instruction
  • 1 leadership consultation with Medical Director if requested
  • 1 leadership consultation with Executive Director if agreed upon at training
  • Image consultations for each participant which includes student produced images and evaluations of those images. This is to ensure graduate performs quality sonography exams and minimizes risk.

Objectives: T=Technical Objective; LA=Life-affirming Objective

  • Students will understand and be able to perform basic ultrasound procedures (T/LA)
  • Students will define physics terms and commonly used ultrasound abbreviations (T/LA)
  • Students will discuss and operate ultrasound machine control panel (T)
  • Students will discuss normal and abnormal anatomy (T/LA)
  • Students will perform and discuss basic exercises with a transducer (T)
  • Students will take basic measurements during an ultrasound (T)
  • Students will identify fetal lie (LA)
  • Students will establish routine protocol for proper image documentation (T/LA)
  • Students will learn practical applications of clinic’s policies and procedures (T/LA)
  • Students will become familiar with standards set by various sonography professional organizations. (T/LA)

Each student is given a Sparrow Sonography competency exam at the end of the training. The results of the exam are a representation of the student’s scanning abilities and knowledge. The exam is not an indicator of a student’s future success as a sonographer. It simply indicates whether a student is prepared to begin scanning independently. In following the Code of Ethics for each medical professional, it is the responsibility of each graduate to continue learning. Sparrow Sonography suggests that the medical director observe and confirm each graduate’s scanning abilities before any graduate is approved to scan independently. Clinics should ensure compliance with state requirements regarding ultrasound scanning.


Each Clinical Imaging 1 student will receive a Certificate of Completion. Certificate of Completion does not equate to competency.


The following materials necessary to complete the training program are included in the fee set forth below:
1) Pre-onsite worksheets
2) Course manual


The following fees for Clinical Imaging 1 training:

1) Participating Clinic

a) Clinical Imaging 1 training fee of $5,650.00 includes:

  • Training for one nurse
  • Training at clinic’s location or in our clinical site in Las Vegas with training tailored to clinic’s specific needs

b) A $2,500 deposit is required to schedule training

2) Housing  and car are invoiced separately.

We wish to provide quality training to all medical clinics that desire to work with our team. We are happy to discuss customizable options for the training and pricing. Please call 702-556-1101, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services.


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