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Serving in a PMC brings with it standards that are crucial for all team members to know and understand. We base our clinical standards on AWHONN guidelines. From the board of directors to volunteers, all will benefit from clinic accountability training to serve in this high-risk setting.

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  • Peace of mind for Medical Director, board, and ED/CEO because of attention given to team education
  • Meets or Exceeds professional standards resulting in RNs who scan with confidence
  • Return on Investment

Organizations like AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing), AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound), ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), SDMS (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography), and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have set standards that are critical for all involved with the PMC to follow for best practices. Here are just a few examples:

According to the AWHONN guidelines, Clinical Competencies and Education Guide, 4th Edition

  • The performance of ultrasound examinations is an appropriate practice for registered nurses (RNs) specializing in obstetric, gynecology, and reproductive medicine as dictated by the clinical situation.
  • Performing these ultrasound examinations represents an expanded nursing role and thus is not to be undertaken by the novice or inexperienced obstetric, gynecologic, or reproductive medicine RN. See Fundamentals in OB Patient Care.

According to AIUM point-of-care ultrasound is ultrasound imaging performed during a patient encounter or procedure to enhance patient care. (2010)

Licensed RNs who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and training in the specific imaging procedure to be performed and who are performing these exams within the scope of practice as defined by the licensing jurisdiction may perform point-of-care ultrasound [SDMS], 2011a.

Fetal ultrasound should be performed only when there is a valid medical reason [ACOG], 2009; AIUM, 2012b, 2012c). Performing 
an obstetric ultrasound primarily for keepsake images or to determine fetal gender without a medical indication is not recommended (ACOG, 2009; AIUM, 2012b, 2012c; Food and Drug Administration [FDA], 2015). The U.S. FDA states that the use of ultrasound equipment for these purposes is an unapproved use of a medical device. This practice may violate state or local laws regarding use of such devices without a prescription (FDA, 2015).

This lecture-based course is a part of the ultrasound-training program of Sparrow Sonography.

This course is essential for the entire PMC team.

Program Overview


The Essentials of Imaging and Clinic Operations (EI) program consists of 10 hours of didactic training focused on nursing accountability in limited sonography.

Sparrow Sonography has built their course outline following the AWHONN didactic content outline:

  1. Ultrasound physics and instrumentation
  2. Patient education
  3. Nursing accountability
  4. Obstetric first-trimester ultrasound
  5. Obstetric second- and third-trimester ultrasound

Additionally, the course consists of both onsite and webinar instruction. Students will receive instruction on:

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Standards of Practice and Competencies
  • Policies, Procedures, Protocols, and Pathways
  • Lines of Authority
  • Reporting Protocol

Students will receive Sonography Imaging Basics including:

  • Physics and Instrumentation
  • Optimization Principles
  • Anatomy and Image Review


  • Clinic team will receive accountability training for the entire team,
    providing a starting point for leadership.
  • Participants will learn the basics of clinic operations and patient care
    based on medical organization standards.
  • Participants will learn the importance of standardization of PM
    organization operation
  • Participants will receive documentation of education
  • Participants will learn team member roles needed in PMC clinical setting.

Scope of Service:

  • 7-hour on-site course for entire team
  • Team Risk-Management webinar customized to your PMC dynamics –1.5 hours
  • Team Policy and Procedure Webinar – 1.5 hours


A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who complete the 10- hour course.


  • Director’s Information Page and Department Development Document • Training Manual for each student (Includes 10)


The following fees for Essentials of Imaging and Clinic Operations training: 1) Participating Clinic

a) Essentials of Imaging and Clinic Operations fee of $3,200.00 includes:

  • Training for your team, unlimited number of participants
  • Training at clinic’s location

b) A $1,400.00 deposit is required to schedule training

2) Expenses are invoiced separately:

a) Air fare for training staff
b) Accommodations for training staff
c) Rental car for training staff
d) Per Diem for training staff

We wish to provide quality training to all medical clinics that desire to work with our team. We are happy to discuss customizable options for the training and pricing. Please call 702-556-1101, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services.

Feedback From Recent Essentials of Imaging Participants:

“The course went above and beyond my expectations.”

“Really learned the cohesiveness of purpose and professionalism.”

“Accurate, up to date information.”

“Loved this, learned so much about so many aspects of this new opportunity.”

“Really feel like I am prepared.”

What was your favorite section?

“Standards of Care”

“Professionalism that was taught and displayed!”

“Policies and procedures.”

How I’d describe the class:

  • Useful
  • Informative
  • Organized
  • Beneficial
  • Clear
  • Accurate
  • Fun

All Sparrow Sonography trainers are experienced registered sonographers. Sparrow Sonography training programs include hands-on ultrasound practicum, didactic, continuing education, registry preparation, and certification preparation programs.

Additional information


Individual Nurses, Team: Unlimited Number of Participants

Choose an Option:

Sherman, TX June 26th, Las Vegas August 24, Las Vegas Sept. 21, Las Vegas Oct. 19, Las Vegas Nov. 16, Las Vegas Dec. 14, Schedule a Date at your Location


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