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RDMS smile Clinical Imaging 3Clinical Imaging 3 prepares the RN or medically credentialed professional to sit for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography boards.

As an RN, PA, NP, CNM scanning in the PMC or other clinical setting, it is an achievable credential. According to the Code of Ethics for the Sonographer, anyone who provides ultrasound imaging is always working towards becoming credentialed.

Most medical professionals categorize themselves as life long learners. With that in mind, credentialing in your area of practice may be a next step for you and your career path.

This course is for the sonographer who desires to achieve the credential of RDMS. It also serves to develop the medical professional who wants to know more in order to improve patient care.

Due to the self-study components of this course, a medical professional can anticipate that it will take 6-18 months to be ready to sit for the registry. This course requires self-study as well as a required hands-on training component. The hands-on will include all levels of obstetrical scanning as outlined by the AIUM as well as pelvic ultrasound studies. We customize the timing of the hands-on, based on your schedule.

Program Overview

Scope of Service:

  • Two 32 hour sessions of hands-on instruction from an RDMS registered in OB/GYN, 8 (8-hour days), split with distance education
  • Distance education program incorporates monthly consultations with case review including pelvic and obstetric ultrasound exams
  • Meeting with Medical Director, Executive Director, one board member, and Sparrow Solutions team prior to launch of course
  • Hands-on instruction incorporating didactic needs as it relates to clinical setting
  • Ergonomics and imaging
  • Differential diagnosis regarding unknown structures on images
  • Increased image vocabulary
  • Development of stronger method of image critique
  • Review Interpretation Ready Imaging℠
  • Refinement of paperwork


  • Students will list the indications for a pelvic ultrasound exam
  • Students will perform a pelvic sonographic exam
  • Students will critique images for pathology in the female pelvis
  • Students will obtainInterpretation Ready Imaging℠ to an interpreting physician for a pelvic ultrasound
  • Students will state the protocol for a pelvic ultrasound
  • Students will state the protocol for a Standard Obstetrical Ultrasound (OU) exam
  • Students will state the indications for a Standard OU
  • Students will obtain Interpretation Ready Imaging℠ for interpretation by a physician for a Standard exam
  • Students will critique images for pathology in the Obstetrical patient to include mother and fetus
  • Students will prepare to sit for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.


Each Clinical Imaging 3 student will receive the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion


Two textbooks are required to complete the course. These textbooks are to be purchased by participant and are NOT included in the fee set forth below.


The following fees for Clinical Imaging 3 training:
Participating Organization or Individual

a) Clinical Imaging 3 training fee for the hands-on portion is $5,950.00 plus student’s travel expenses includes:

  • Training for one medical professional
  • Training at chosen location with training tailored to participant’s specific needs
  • Limit of three medical professionals to participate in hands-on training at one time

b) Distance Image Consultation, Documentation, and RDMS Approval per study is $125.00

  • 25 pelvic exams
  • 25 OB exams
  • 15 Miscellaneous exams

c) Administration Fee for Final Approval is $495.00

d) A $2,400 deposit is required to schedule training

Primary Clinical Site Location is the training center in Las, Vegas, NV for the two-weeks of hands-on training.

We wish to provide quality training to all medical clinics that desire to work with our team. We are happy to discuss customizable options for the training and pricing. Please call 702-556-1101, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services.


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Training Options

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